Disclaimer: Since treatment results may vary from person to person due to a number of factors we cannot easily guarantee how you will respond to treatment.

Our experienced, professional osteopaths in Bath are ready to help you;

A full investigation and assessment of your problem.


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A diagnosis of your symptoms.

An explanation of how long it will take to fix.

A referral for imaging, or to another practitioner if necessary.

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Get an osteopathic assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan for only £19! 

Central Bath Osteopath

The nearest Car Park is the Charlotte Street Car Park and the bus from Newbridge Park & Ride stops just outside the clinic

Located In Central Bath

Align Body Clinic

29 James St W



Could be better? Feeling its age? Coping?

Or has an injury stopped you from enjoying life as it was?

It really doesn’t have to be like that. The truth is we put up with pain too easily, we accept it as a consequence of lifestyle and age, and we just don’t have to. 

Our experienced, professional osteopaths are ready to help you;

Jay Ruddock

M.Ost, BA(hons), Dip PT

How’s Your Body Feeling?

Sheena Harper


Get rid of most body pain

Restore pain free movement

Keep enjoying your activities, sports and hobbies

Pack up the painkillers

Sheena Harper

Before seeing Jay I was having “regular” back problems, however his excellent diagnosis and effective treatment has helped me tremendously.

Chris - Bath

Whether you’ve only just started having pain or are a long-term sufferer, we can help, lots of our patients have benefited from our combination of hands on treatment and prescriptive exercise. You’ll be surprised at how much difference we can make. So, don’t put up with it for any longer, book an appointment to get on the road to recovery! 

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Get an osteopathic assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan for only £19!